This album embodies a journey.  It is a musical rendering of our heart-song at a time of personal transformation and pivotal life changes.  Each song was composed to explore and process what couldn’t be put into words; embracing the highs and lows of our path, and most of the time, came to being with ease. Every time we play, our hearts are full, as music bonded us at a time when there where no words.   


Our dear friend and local artist Louise Ducharme created the stunning encaustic portrait of "Freya" that is featured on our album cover.  For more information on Louise's creations, visit her website at

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 -- Reviews --

"When you bring together musicians who are as highly trained, skilled and talented as Noel and Martine, you get an album of expertly crafted songs that linger contentedly in the mind. Freya’s musical stories speak to the heart and spirit, soaring between bright, joyful, playful, yearning, peaceful, thoughtful and tender moods. Guitar, violin and viola intertwine seamlessly, complex fingerpicking and fluent bowing woven around one another like long-time partners in dance. There is such beauty here, and such happiness. You come away satisfied, uplifted, looking at the world with a touch more equanimity, and with more love."              

                                                                                                                                                               - Anne Champagne           

"From the very start, their playing seduced me into a happy relaxation. I soon realized that the music of "FREYA" was all of a piece, segueing smoothly from track to track as it revealed a timeless, almost hypnotic story of love. I listened to "FREYA" two more times than evening and again in the morning. Somehow this music made me both calm and excited. It made me happy! They are both world-class musicians. I felt that "FREYA" had given me a wonderful gift, and they certainly had!"             

                                                                                                                                                                 -Andy Rhodes